Hot Rod Bob’s five Gourmet Salad Dressings come from the creative kitchen of Hot Rod Bob in Oxford, Michigan. Our all-natural products are packaged in glass bottles, are gluten-free, have no trans fat, very low-to-no cholesterol, no MSG and still taste great!

They are outstanding on any salads, as marinades for meats and fish and as overall cooking sauces. Since we don’t add any additives or preservatives, we suggest you SHAKE the living daylights out of each bottle before serving. A small price to pay for such goodness. Enjoy!


About Hot Rod Bob
1950 – after three years in the U.S. Marine Corp. “Hot Rod Bob” Fulkerson became one of the original drag racers on Woodward Ave. in Detroit, MI. Today at age 68, he is still racing and building Hot Rods.
1960 to 1992 – Bob works at the General Motors Research Test Labs developing future engines. Along the way, he realizes he has a knack for cooking as well as rebuilding carburetors. Hot Rod opens two restaurants – an A&W drive-in and a Coney Island.

Company History
1987 – Bob starts to make and sell dressing out of his 1 bedroom home and 21 car garage.
1992 – Greek dressing is finalist for Michigan’s Best New Product Award.
1990’s – Sales accelerate with introduction of three new dressings.
2000 – Hot Rod Bob’s is established as a strong local and solid regional brand in the Midwest.
2006 – New Caesar dressing is launched.


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